Sundays at 11:00 AM

Mosaic Kids’ mission is to help families meet Jesus, imitate Jesus, and share Jesus through the Gospel, relationships, and service. We seek to partner with parents in nurturing the spiritual development of each child and encourage them to actively participate in worship, Bible study, fellowship, and ministry opportunities individually and with their children. We want to nurture a child’s relationship with God, volunteers’ relationships with one another and children, and our relationship with families.

During all Sunday gatherings, infants – 5th graders are welcome at Mosaic Kids! We pray children begin to believe and enjoy the Gospel – the good news that God saves sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – through activity-based, gospel-saturated teaching. This includes Bible stories, music, opportunities to share, and chances to respond to God’s love with faith and belief.

Family Sundays

We desire for Sunday gatherings to be multi-generational and value having children in the room! Throughout the year we incorporate what we call a Family Sunday into our Sunday gathering rhythms. On these Sundays, Mosaic Kids classrooms are only offered for infants through age 4. Our hope is that this will encourage families to participate in the gathering together in order to celebrate Jesus, delight in His Word, respond in worship, remember the Lord’s Supper, learn, witness, and prayerfully participate in baptism.

What To Expect

We are so excited to have kids in the room! Mosaic Kids will serve kiddos from infants through 5th grade starting at 11 am. We are anticipating close to two dozen kiddos, and we can wait to help them meet, imitate, and share Jesus!

Parents, we are expecting a handful of volunteers to help Mosaic Kids accomplish the mission God has called us to. The safe and well being of your child is our utmost goal. Additionally, each volunteer goes through a comprehensive background check before being allowed to participate and serve with Mosaic Kids. Here are some additional frequently asked questions we want to address:

Will you have Kids ministry during the core team season? 

Yes, we are anticipating a hand-full of kiddos, and we can’t wait to help them meet, imitate, and share Jesus!

What are the age groups? 

We will have a wide range of ages that will go from infants to 5th grade. However, we may not be able to accommodate this perfectly. Expectations are low during core team season, but we do want to make sure that we can serve all families.

Would you have any online content should our family decide to remain home for now?

Our curriculum will provide the flexibility to distribute online should this be something that parents will benefit from. Email for additional information on online content.

Could I volunteer for Mosaic Kids? 

Absolutely, yes, and most definitely.

What precautions you are taking in light of COVID-19?

We want to have and maintain a “low risk” environment for kids, families, volunteers, and staff. During core team season, kids are welcome to participate during our breakfast time. Shortly after, check-in will become available and we will ask to have one parent check-in any kids participating. Any kids 5 and over will be asked to wear a mask, then the class volunteers will direct you to our classrooms.

What if my child cannot wear a mask? 

If your child is unable to wear a mask for any medical reason, we will do our absolute best to accommodate your child so that he/she is able to participate in meetings, imitating and sharing Jesus!

What if my child wants to get out of the classroom during worship gathering? 

We will do our best to keep your child in the classroom. Should the time become a burden for the child, then we will communicate with you to pick him/her up from the classroom.

Do you have any safety protocols and/or policies for the kid’s ministry? 

Yes, for a complete list of safety protocols, policies and procedures click here