We are a bilingual church that exists to Multiply Diverse Disciples and Churches, unified by the gospel of Jesus

We Gather on Sundays


We gather on Sundays to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, delight in His Word, worship Him together in English and Spanish, and remember the Lord’s Supper and baptism.

Join us for our Core Team gatherings!

Public Launch happening on February 7th

3416 Woolworth Ave 
Omaha, NE 68105

11:15 AM Live Gathering & Facebook Live

We Scatter into City Groups

Jesus has called us to make disciples and we believe the best way to make disciples is to scatter throughout the week in City Groups to experience a spiritual family that shares life together and serves a common purpose.

Upcoming Opportunities

Each 1 Disciple 1 in 2021 

Join our church family as we navigate a discipleship endeavor to know God through his Word.

Public Launch | February 7th

Bilingual Worship, Biblical Preaching, Mosaic Kids Ministry for the little one. Who will you invite?