Citylight Mosaic Church believes that the gospel not only saves you but compels to serve and love others. COVID-19 has changed the way school works. We want to bless those in our community by providing Mosaic Mentoring, a weekly opportunity for kids to get homework help and interact with other kids their age. Mosaic Mentoring will take place on Mondays from 8:30am-4:05pm.

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The current pandemic has forced us to do things a little differently. Regardless, we believe that God is sovereign, King Jesus still on the throne, and we adjust with the help and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. One of our current realities is schoolwork. Schools are transitioning to an online environment, and we want to help and serve you. We were hoping you could find peace of mind when deciding how you will care and educate your children as they endeavor E-learning. So how do we do that? We want to provide a space for families to drop off their kids at Citylight Mosaic Church buildings each Monday during school hours. We want to come alongside kids of working and single parents to work on their school work.


What’s mosaic mentoring?

Mosaic mentoring is a program designed to provide mentorship, supervision, and support for kids of working and single parents. In our time together, we want to have a space where students can do homework and change their environment for the week. 

Our mentoring program will host 10 kids from first grade and above.

To enroll a student, please fill the application below, review the polices and procedures and sign and submit waiver provided. Also, we are looking for volunteers to make this mentoring program a lot more efficient, if you are available to volunteer, would you fill out an application below?